GreenEarth Engineering
Services We Provide

We have experience providing engineering service for the following type of structures. We have the expertise
to design and detail the best structural system to meet the particular needs of each project.

Standard Engineering Services

  • Schematic Design – Cost and feasibility comparison among  alternative materials and raming

  • Preliminary drawings – Size and placing of major structural elements including foundation layout and
    loading tables.

  • Development drawings – Complete design and delineation of structural members, materials,
    including general and specific details necessary to produce a cost-effective as well as safe and
    durable structure.

  • Bidding process – Professional advice in answering bidder’s questions and evaluating bids.

  • Shop drawings – Review of shop drawings for structural steel, formwork and rebars.

  • Construction assistance – Site visits to evaluate field problems, inspect for conformity with contract
    documents, and assist in specific construction phases.

Inspection and Evaluation Services

  • Foundation and framing inspection

  • Evaluation and load capacity analysis of existing structures

  • Property pre-buy/pre-sell evaluation – structural and sustainable; Property value enhancement

Contractor services

  • Inspection services

  • Value engineering analysis & redesign

  • Construction sequence plan

  • Structural bracing

  • Evaluation of construction deviation

  • Temporary structures

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